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Loco Love - Chilli Love Truffle

Loco Love - Chilli Love Truffle

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This sweet yet spicy melt-in-your-mouth chilli love truffle is spiked with a blend of aphrodisiac herbal extracts to awaken your sensuality, nourish your body and leave you feeling high on bliss. Dark and rich with notes of chilli and cinnamon, each bar is seductively smooth on the inside enrobed in a dark 70% cacao shell. Immerse yourself in the mystical journey that our chocolates offer, awakening a divine connection between the spirit, the body, and the magical world of cacao. 

Why we love it
The added Damania (also known as Turnera diffusa) it's a low-growing plant with beautiful yellow flowers and fragrant leaves. This piquant super-herb has a storied past of libido revival, used for centuries as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire. Even the ancient Mayans used Damania as a treatment for sexually related problems, including fertility and impotence. But its powers don’t just stop there – it can also act as a tonic on the central nervous system and hormonal system, making it the ultimate ally for bringing the body back into balance.


*cacao paste, *coconut blossom sugar, *cacao butter, *tahini, *coconut oil, *cinnamon powder, *chilli powder, *aphrodisiac herbal blend (gelatinised maca root powder, damiana extract) 1%, probiotic powder (bacillus coaglulans) <1%, *Australian sea salt | Cacao solids 53.9% | Contains Sesame | *CERTIFIED ORGANIC 

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