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Palo Santo Thick Sticks

Palo Santo Thick Sticks

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Premium Palo Santo Thick Sticks.

Brings peace, calm, and clarity to a situation or place.

Also known as "Holy Wood", Palo Santo is native to South America and used by native peoples for ceremonial purposes and healing. Palo Santo has a beautiful aromatic scent; with a sweet and woodsy aroma.

Once burned, its aroma and smoke are used for clearing negative energy both in the body and in space. Palo santo is said to elevate the vibration and bring good luck and harmony as well as facilitate change in mood.

Sustainably harvested and ethically sourced from Peru.

100% palo santo (Bursera graveolens)

2 x thick sticks, approx 10cm tall and 1.3-2.5cm wide

Why we love it
It's our favourite smell. When burned it emits a sweet, lemony, and woodsy scent with musky undertones.

Product Instructions:
Light the tip of the wood, let it burn for 30 seconds then blow out the flame, wave the stick to keep lit, and let its smoke waft the room.
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