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Vida Glow Womens Health De-Stress

Vida Glow Womens Health De-Stress

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Anxiety. Stress. Reset. As part of your daily health routine, De-Stress relieves symptoms of stress and mild anxiety for mental wellbeing.

De-Stress is a cranberry-flavoured chewable liquid burstlet delivering calm when you need it most. Scientifically formulated with a clinically studied botanical extract and key mood stabilising active ingredients – including vitamin C and vitamin B5 – De-Stress targets immediate feelings of stress while working to promote healthy emotional balance and improve general health.

60 Chewables

Why we love it
Addresses symptoms of stress and mild anxiety
The easy-to-consume, chewable liquid burstlets

How to
Take 1 Chewable Liquid Burstlet 1-4 Times Daily as needed.

Hero active Serenzo®, vitamin C and vitamin B5.

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