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Recovery Mate - Nasal Strips

Recovery Mate - Nasal Strips

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Designed to gently open and support your nasal passages, these nasal strips offer a drug-free solution to congestion, snoring, and restless sleep. Strips are hypoallergenic and flexible, allowing comfortable and secure application.

Each pack contains a 30 day (1 month) supply of nasal strips.

Improved and deeper sleep, drug-free allergy relief, enhanced breathing, reduced snoring and congestion.

Hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive. 

How To: 
Start by washing your nose and surrounding area with a gentle cleanser. Dry nose and place the midpoint of the strip at the centre of your nose bridge. Give the strip time to completely stick; as it settles, a gentle lift will appear on your nose, indicating improved airflow. Keep strip in place and relax for a peaceful night's sleep.

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