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Kinto Herbal Tea Unimug

Kinto Herbal Tea Unimug

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No need for a teapot - brew your tea in your cup!

The Unitea Unimug from Kinto is a glass mug with a chic design, plus a highly durable plastic strainer and lid. This mug is ideal for brewing the perfect cup of tea easily in your office or at home. .

Small - 9 (h) x 12.2cm (w), 7.8cm (dia)
Medium - 11 (h) x 12.5cm (w), 7.8cm (dia)
Large - 13 (h) x 12.5cm (w), 7.8cm (dia)

How to
Microwave safe (mug), and dishwasher safe (mug, strainer & lid)
Heat-resistant glass, copolyester
Designed in Japan.

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