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Gohitsu Five Brushstrokes Japanese Incense

Gohitsu Five Brushstrokes Japanese Incense

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Gohitsu Five Brushstrokes Japanese Incense

The Japanese have elevated the use of incense to a poetic and cultural dimension.

Each blend of incense has been created and refined over centuries and is made in strict accordance to the ancient traditional Japanese lore.

The Japanese appreciate 'incense time' at Koh-do (Incense Ceremony) as we enjoy 'tea time' for relaxation, refreshment and communion with others.

So subtle and poetic is the blending of each incense, that it speaks to the very heart of the listener evoking powerful feelings and images of joy, freedom, bliss and enchantment.

A blend of deep and subtle woods with a hint of sweet herbs. Sandalwood Essential Oil, Sandalwood Powder, Siam Agarwood & Chinese Herbs.

80 sticks, approx 30 min burning time.

Product Instructions
Light the incense and place in your chosen incense holder. 
Keep away from tiny hands and paws. Never leave incense unattended.
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