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Ello Botanicals The Ultimate Experience

Ello Botanicals The Ultimate Experience

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Ello Botanicals: the Brand

The Hazel Family, owners of Ello Botanicals, grew up on Brookfield Farm. This farm is a picturesque property nestled under Mt Wellington, overlooking the mouth of the North West Bay River in South East Tasmania.

Today, it is the site of Essential Oils of Tasmania, who produce unique Tasmanian essential oils and native plant extracts, servicing demand right around the world. The essential oils extracted from Brookfield embody the temperate climate, fertile soils, clean air and purity synonymous with the Tasmanian region. 

Invigorate, stabilise and rejuvenate with Ello Botanicals complete set of facial oils.

Each facial oil has been tailored to create a moment for you in the morning, evening or throughout the day as you need them.

This luxurious set of facial oils is all you need for a nourished, dewy boost to your natural complexion, no matter what your age.

What's included
1 x 30ml Uplift Facial Oil 
1 x 30ml Balance Facial Oil
1 x 30ml Restore Facial Oil

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