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Delfonics Black Vinyl Briefcase A4

Delfonics Black Vinyl Briefcase A4

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Delfonics Vinyl Briefcase A4

Keep your documents and other office essentials organised with the slim, lightweight storage of Delfonics' Vinyl Briefcase.

Made from a lightweight PVC, the Vinyl Briefcase is a handy way to keep documents and your easy-to-lose gear in one convenient place. The Vinyl Briefcase's slim design makes it a great storage option for cables, chargers, flash drives and other small items, helping to keep things tidy without adding bulk to your bag. The A4 size is also handy for carrying important papers, so you can present that contract for signing in professional style.

Made in Japan.

336mm x 254mm (approx A4 size)
Features transparent front and press-button closure
Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride)


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