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Delfonics Rollbahn Slim B5 Notebook

Delfonics Rollbahn Slim B5 Notebook

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Rollbahn Notebook

Nailing the fundamentals and delivering them with a minimalist sense of style, it's no wonder that the Delfonics Rollbahn Slim B5 Notebook is a favourite here at Blue Rosa.

This simple, slim B5 format with a grid ruling (5mm x 5mm) gives you plenty of room to write, think and sketch, and is slim enough to keep in your bag so you can work wherever you go.

The Slim Rollbahn is extremely well-made, with a robust and splash-proof cover, plus it features high-quality, fountain-pen-friendly paper.

Side-stapled notebook
B5 - 18.2 x 25.7cm
64 pages (32 sheets)
5mm grid layout
70gsm off-white/soft yellow paper; fountain pen friendly
Made in Japan

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