Tokyo Kodo Incense - Wisteria Du Japon



Wisteria du Japon creates a feeling of stability, calm and consistency. 

Envelope your home in the luxurious and lingering scent of Wisteria du Japon Wisteria fragrance is fresh, floral and green. Sandalwood is earthy and grounded. Together they create a unique and exquisite scent. A luxurious and singular experience not found in other incense. 

A symbol of longevity, this is a beautiful incense for a variety of uses. Historically, wisteria trees symbolise long life and immortality making this incense a beautiful accompaniment to: Family gatherings, Remembering ancestors or favourite memories, Morning meditation

Your Wisteria Du Japon incense will come to you in a bespoke metal tin and will contain fifty individual pieces.
Product Instructions+-
Light the incense and place in your chosen incense holder. We recommend a holder designed to accommodate Japanese incense. Keep away from tiny hands and paws. Never leave incense unattended.