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Vida Glow Women's Health Prenatal +

Vida Glow Women's Health Prenatal +

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Foetal development. Maternal health. Nutritional support. As part of your daily health routine, Prenatal+ supports preconception health and pregnancy, and provides morning sickness relief.

Prenatal+ is an advanced prenatal vitamin for your pregnancy journey. Helping to provide the increased nutrients needed during preconception and crucial development stages, this premium quality formula contains 21 key ingredients at therapeutic doses – including 500 mcg of folic acid*, algae DHA, choline, vitamin D, active B6 for morning sickness relief and iodine. Scientifically formulated to prepare the body for pregnancy and assist in your baby's growth and development.

30 capsules

Why we love it
The vegan-friendly, female specific formulation
The Carefully selected Active and Non-active Ingredients

How to
Take one capsule daily, preferably with food.

Prenatal+ includes folate, iodine, choline, omega-3 DHA, vitamin D3, vitamin B6, iron and vitamin B12.

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