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Sodii Everyday Hydration Salts - Salty Citrus

Sodii Everyday Hydration Salts - Salty Citrus

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A new standard of electrolyte drink mix. Made with the key electrolytes you need to thrive - no sugar and all natural ingredients. Deliciously sweet and salty hydration. Assists with acute re-hydration, cramping, headaches, athletic performance, mental performance and post Sauna/Steam and Hot Yoga sessions!

30 Pack

When should I drink this?
Whenever hydration calls. Take Sodii in the morning to set up your day, pre, during and post workout to optimise performance, while fasting or whenever you’re feeling dehydrated.

How to
Rip the packet, pour the salts, shake, stir and hydrate!

Sodium chloride (Australian sea salt), potassium chloride, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, natural lemon-lime flavour, potassium chloride, magnesium glycinate, silica, organic stevia.
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