Ruby Honey Chai



A mixture of pure Australian honey with fragrant spices and aromatic black tea blended together to create this special chai recipe. The honey adds a delicate floral note and just the right amount of sweetness. 

Perfect as a black tea or as a rich and creamy chai latte.

250 g
Why we love it+-
Ruby Chai is 100% natural with no preservatives, flavourings or essences added.
Product instructions+-

Easy Method: Prepare chai as you would any other tea in a pot. Serve it with your favourite milk & sweetener 

Traditional Method: Bring to boil one tablespoon of chair and two cups of water. Add two cups of your favourite milk & heat. Strain, serve and enjoy! 

Chai Latte: Add one tablespoon of chair per serve into a milk jug. Pour a little hot water over it. Sweeten to taste. Top up with your chosen milk and steam altogether on a coffee machine. Strain, serve and enjoy!


Black Tea, organic honey and spices. 

Handmade is Australia with local and imported ingredients.