Tokyo Kodo Incense - Home Japanese



Weaving Japanese incense and French perfumery with the je-ne-sais-quoi of Melbourne. Luxuriate in this incredible incense made by Kin North in collaboration with Tokyo Kodo. 

Create a feeling of calm, connection and belonging while filling your space with luxury fragrance. 

A scent that is both grounding and nostalgic. 

Features Budda Wood an Australian scented wood. Blended masterfully by third generation incense maker with cedar, vetiver, nutmeg, cinnamon and baked fruit fragrance. 

A unique scent that will fill your space with warmth for hours. Imagined in Melbourne | Made in Japan Perfect for: meditations on self, grounding yoga sequences, cosy afternoons on the sofa, family gatherings any time you want your home to smell luxurious.

40 sticks that burn for 15 minutes each. 7cm length.
Product Instructions+-
Light the incense and place in your chosen incense holder. We recommend a holder made especially for Japanese incense. Keep away from tiny hands and paws. Never leave incense unattended.