About Us

Slow beauty that combines the heritage of traditional remedies and the substance of holistic science. The return to a deliberate wellbeing routine, crafted with natural and sustainable elements to suit just about everyone.

Blue Rosa is a modern and wholesome apothecary, accompanied by a purposefully curated selection of natural medicine and products to enrich the commitment to everyday wellness. Within our shop are in-house products created within our apothecary and our most loved brands and products. Oils and herbs are a product of nature, and thus, a resource that needs fostering for future generations. We understand the ethical and sustainable nature of herbs and oils and it is this knowledge that governs us when choosing what, how, and when we deliver our products.

To add to our offering, we have introduced our personal favourite brands that we feel align with the Blue Rosa values and ethos. Including Australian and International Organisations that are innovative, bold and purpose driven in their apporach to wellbeing.

To further expand on these natural remedies, the spa range illuminates the feeling of refreshment and purification. The Vitality in-house creams, hand and body washes are interwoven with the much loved and soulful scents that exhibit our persona of wellness. 

We are located within Vitality House, a members-only Cowork and Wellness Club.

Our aim is simple, to return to a deliberate self-care routine.

The Blue Rosa Spa

The Blue Rosa Spa is located within the Vitality House Wellness Lounge, with many options to escape, reset, move, or recover. With an emphasis on mindfulness, our Spa Experience includes a variety of treatments and services that aim to improve levels of performance, creativity, connection, joy, and overall wellbeing.

The Spa houses holistic professionals specialising in Massage, Holistic Counselling and private Breathwork coaching.

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